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Rich Tucker's Biblical Nutrition  - 3rd Edition (2003)  $15.00

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In 1974 Rich Tucker visited Mike Brown in Berea, Kentucky. Mike was so impressed with Rich's knowledge of nutrition that he asked Rich to write this book.

Rich Tucker shows you how to eat well on a shoestring, increase your strength, and bulk up.

A lot has changed in the 26 years since the first edition of Biblical Nutrition was published. The 2000 edition has all new type-face along with corrections to the typographical errors in the first edition. Some of the material was updated for obvious reasons. A table of contents was added. Some sidebars were added at the end of some chapters.--Dianne Miller, 2000

Since the second edition of Biblical Nutrition was published, Mike Brown and I came across some new information that required some additions and corrections to this book. The information involved kelp, spirulina, and other types of seaweed that can be found in health food stores. These foods appear to be detrimental to good health. See page 43 for an explanation.--Dianne Miller, 2003

      The Table of Contents are:




      Diet  (click on link for excerpt)


        Don’t eat unless you are hungry
        Always eat with enjoyment
        Don’t stuff yourself




        Olives and olive oil
        Grains and Cereals
        Milk and Red Meat




        Note from Mike Brown: The Truth About Kelp




        Sergio Oliva
        “Rep Day”
        “Heavy Day”

      Levitical Diet




        Recipe for cheap weight gaining dish
        Letter from Ken Knapp [3rd place winner Teenage Mr. America]
        The Most Result Producing Machine in the History of Exercise
        The Dandelion and Horseradish

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